Wish Me Luck

Two years ago I met this girl…

She was very intriguing to me, though I couldn’t explain quite why. On the surface she was no different than any other woman, and yet, there was something I liked about her. A LOT.

She liked me too, and we began to hang out more and more…

But it was always platonic. We were just friends. Just two close friends who had moved to this city around the same time and had formed a familial bond with each other as we discovered our place in it.

But then everything changed….

And not just when the Fire Nation attacked. As things can, sometimes, I began to feel something else for this beautiful brunette. Lucky for me, she felt it too.

It began quickly…

I even posted about it a few months back. Got lost in user sub….like all my posts….anyway, so we began to date.

Eventually she told me something one night that I had never heard before

Sure I’d had girlfriends, but never anything so serious, and never anything so passionate. Lucky for me she said it first because I was too nervous to do it myself (I’m a wimp like that)

But of course I said it too…

I damn near screamed it!

And ever since, things have been a fairy tale…

*Que cliche* [eye rolling intensifies]

So tonight I’m asking her a question…

To tell the truth I’m more than a little nervous.

But I’m mostly excited!

You would be too if you were me! I’m asking my best friend to be my wife. I’m asking her to put up with my shit for the next several decades, until we’re both old and smell funny and look even weirder. And I can’t wait to get started….you know, if she’ll agree to that deal. (It might be a tough sell given how much better looking than me she is =P)

Le Bling Bling

Just to show off. It’s a new ring with a diamond that used to grace my grandmother’s hand. She and granddad were married for 57 years, so I hope it’s got some charm still left in it! Wish me luck Imgurians!

By popular demand, here’s my angel

Everyone wants to see a picture of her, so here she is! It’s my favorite photo of her because I snuck it in while she wasn’t looking (she’s very private, and it turned out like this =)