I bet you can smell them.

I may have spent a small fortune on crayons over the years, entirely worth it by the way. I periodically reorganize them for the satisfaction of it.
cat for scale because my bananas were sick
beautiful wrapper segregation
please appreciate the alignment
last time I organized them all black labels were positioned upwards, that also takes hours so unfortunately not today folks.
my desk was, as is obvious, filled, overflow on nightstand. All surfaces of my room have been overtaken by wax.
Incredibly pleasing blend of colours, 4 hours spent. The two boxes together weigh just over 11 pounds.
Colour chart for ease of locating desired crayon, because 100% of blue crayons look like dark fucking blue wax. Even Jesus can’t tell the difference between pacific, midnight, cerulean, denim and indigo.
I do, in fact, use the crayons for colouring.
I draw and color Pokemon/characters as gifts
Honestly, for the love of all things good in the world don’t spend your money on shit odd named brands, Crayola people. Just please don’t, this topic makes me so mad.
Quality crayons, not fucking goddamn Laurentian, are very similar to a hard oil pastel, making them one of my favourite mediums.
Endnote: I’ve sacrificed impressing many a cute boy by bringing boxes of crayons to a checkout
Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a 19y/o’s passion for crayons. Thank you so much for the positive feedback everyone! I’m making some follow up post to address the questions I’ve been getting, pt 1 here- http://imgur.com/gallery/LVQ9O/new