8 things you should favorite RIGHT now.

24 Awesome Skills To Learn for Free Online

You can learn things on the internet that you probably never thought you wanted or needed to learn. How cool is that? http://imgur.com/gallery/iT5l7

25 Killer Websites That Make You Cleverer

Not only useful for impressing people you like, but also for shutting up those annoying know-it-alls. http://imgur.com/gallery/1S2u5

13 Websites To Kill Time

If you really have nothing else to do, this may be what you need. http://imgur.com/gallery/39LzF

12 Awesome And Useful Websites

What’s better than a website that’s useful in addition to being awesome? http://imgur.com/gallery/4Rnuo

23 retro games you can play in your browser!

Relive the glorious days of the past with classics like Doom, Megaman, and Aladdin. In your browser. http://imgur.com/gallery/2vB6j

41 Awesome Game Wallpapers

For those who like their wallpapers. http://imgur.com/gallery/FlyuN

575 Wallpapers (All 1080p, No watermarks)

For those who REALLY like their wallpapers. http://imgur.com/gallery/akHsJ

1000 Spectacular Wallpapers (1080p unmarked)

For those who REALLY, REALLY like their wallpapers, and have way too much free time. http://imgur.com/gallery/rMPdm