I wish this gained more attention

The Surabaya Zoo

“The Zoo of Death”

A black bear with lesions
This lion has had it’s teeth pulled out; its hunting instinct completely gone.
Melani, a severely underweight Sumatran tiger, is wasting away.
Melani sleeping… This is the one that made me cry. Edit: Someone in comments found a way we can directly help Melani. Due to the horrid conditions in this zoo, she was eating tainted and poisonous meat which has ravaged her digestive system. She needs to be on a special diet to live. “We have enough formula until December (2013), however she needs more. Cee4life has been able to get some much needed injections for Melani, but we do need help with getting her other needs like the formula, some enrichment items. If you can help us in anyway please donate to http://www.wildlifecalling.org.uk/index.php and clearly mark it as “Melani” http://carmenriverocolina.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/update-an-opportunity-to-melani/
The 18-month-old African lion named Michael was found early on January 8th, 2014
“The lion was found hanging from the roof of his cage. He was very young and got his head stuck in cables that keepers use to open and close the cage,”
The zoo’s last remaining giraffe perished. An autopsy revealed a “beach-ball sized wad of plastic food wrappers” inside its stomach that weighed a shocking 39 pounds.
Edit: Bison in the corner of its cage with an eye disease.
Pelicans kept in a volley-ball court sized cage without the room to spread their wings
Chandrika, a white Bengal tiger, died after suffering from liver and kidney diseases. She was also missing her left ear.
Elephants, both babies and adults, are chained and kept in confined cages.
Fitri, a sick 35-year-old female elephant was suffering from swollen joints in her legs
The zoo has a collection of 3,459 animals from 197 species, but 81 animals are sick, disabled, and old, and 44 of which are in severe conditions.
While the Copenhagen Zoo is getting tons of criticism over the culling of Marius and its recent culling of four lions, it doesn’t even touch the unethical and inhumane conditions these poor animals are going through. There is a difference between conservation for biodiversity and complete negligence. Edit: Thank you, thank you so much for sharing this, everyone. I know it might not seem like there’s much we can do, but all it takes is a voice. We can be the voice for these animals. http://www.change.org/petitions/dr-susilo-bambang-yudhoyono-close-surabaya-zoo Cee4Life Support Page: https://www.facebook.com/SurabayaZooAnimalWelfareActionCee4life?fref=ts Most recent news article on the zoo explaining the situation: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/05/world/asia/pointing-fingers-over-heavy-death-toll-at-an-indonesian-zoo.html?emc=eta1&_r=0