OC Things I’ve heard other Marines say

A 19 year old Marine’s reaction to shooting an insurgent in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun. It was his first confirmed kill and combat experience in Iraq. A story told to me by a Marine who was present at the time.
An 89 year old Marine veteran reflecting on the Korean and Vietnam wars. A story he told my platoon the week we graduated boot camp.
One of my Sergeants reflecting on watching a Staff Sergeant in Explosive Ordnance Disposal die, in the 2nd (LAR) Light Armor Reconnaissance while in Afghanistan. A story he told me while we were in Afghanistan together as he explained why he always ensured his Marines got enough sleep and food. His point being that exhaustion and hunger lead to mistakes.
A friend of mine describing the first time he experienced his humvee being blown up. One of his Marines ended up tackling him to keep him from continuing to walk towards the enemy machine gun nests while in shell shock in Iraq. A story he told me explaining why he wears dentures at the age of 34.
A young Marine’s reaction to their first firefight in Iraq, after they cleared a house of insurgents. A story told me to me by a friend. Explaining how after combat you have to laugh to help process all the death and carnage while in Iraq.
A conversation between a friend of mine and his Lieutenant. A story he told me about while he was stationed in Iraq.
A Marine in my Division complaining about having to endure a 12 hour flight while sitting on a pistol. A story I heard him telling some of the Marines I worked with.
The story of my friend’s second experience of clearing houses in Iraq. A story he told me while we were hanging out.
The Corporal of the Guard explaining how deadly the town of Ramadi was in Iraq. A story he told us while we were stationed in Camp Pendleton.
A conversation between my Master Sergeant and my Staff Sergeant. I was in the bunker while this conversation was going on. EDIT: Wasn’t expecting to make it to the front page. Thank you all for the support. I’ll probably do another including things Sailors and Soldiers etc have said. For those that disagree with anything in this post. So be it. I simply say this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMF5MjzgJrM