34 surgeries. The last 3 years of my life in pictures

February 9, 2010. On vacation in Boulder, CO. I was getting pants out of the trunk of my friend’s car when another car lost control on ice & crushed me in between. I remember thinking ‘that wasn’t so bad,’ but when I looked down my right leg was gone. It was severed & lying underneath the car.
It was a long 20 minutes waiting for an ambulance to get up the canyon. My friends & strangers passing by had tied a tourniquet, then covered me with blankets & jackets. I was on a life flight when these were taken by my friends who were with me.
Front of the car that hit me.
The back of my friend’s car that I was hit into
About a week post accident. Efforts were made to reattach, but it was unsuccessful. I was put in a medically induced coma for a week after going into septic shock. It was officially amputated on Valentines Day.
First time out of bed, 2 weeks post accident. 10 surgeries by this time, mostly in reconstructing efforts. My surgeons saved a part of my ankle & grafted it below my knee to give me a chance at not having an above knee amputation.
I was transferred back to a hospital in Utah for 3 weeks of inpatient rehab. Parts of my leg began to die, so I had to go into a hyperbaric chamber 4 hours a day for a couple weeks. Altogether I was initially in the hospital for 6 weeks straight.
Despite treatment,some parts became necrotic, & I was readmitted beginning of April 2010.
After the dead parts were cut off, I used a wound vac between bi-weekly debriding surgeries & daily wound care.