38 thoughts on “If this doesn’t make you sad, your heart is desolate

  1. tcape

    This is by far the BEST ARTICLE out on the internet right now. Good job bspcn.

    I guess my heart is “desolate”. I’m glad these pictures can decide that for me.

  2. april

    Though it is good that you are displaying the emotions of animals that humans tend to see as mere objects, you are in the same sense putting those emotions simply on display. One picture and an article about it would have been more respectful. Some how I feel as if you have posted pictures taken at someone’s funeral, onto the internet displaying the agony of a family when you weren’t invited to do so.

  3. Tommy Yarbrough

    Why would any idiot stage something like this for the web? It looks to me as though the companion pup is dead and the live one is crying for its sibling. I am an animal lover from hell! It’s offensive when other people say things that are uncaring and unfeeling. That is WRONG! This also, is sad, that people are like that. Shame on you that do not feel for other living things, especially when they die. Would YOU like to be the dead one lying in the road with your sibling over you,hoping that you were going to get up but never did? I feel sorry for people like you.

  4. annooyingmoose

    While I would like to think that this a story of compassion and love. The ‘fallen’ dog is in at least two (possibly three) different positions, raising the suspicious question of how that might occur. As well if there are positions then the pictures are not shown in proper chronological order, and the suspicion meter goes up again…

  5. unacat

    Let’s hope that Lowe suffers a long, cancerous death and that it is posted on the internet for us to enjoy. Suck my dick before you expire, scumbag.

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