You Know You’re A ’90’s Kid If…

Collected by casey jones

Since you’re on a site called Ice Ice Babies, it can be assumed that the 90’s is your nostalgic decade.  That said, below is a collection of awesomeness that will take you right back to a time when ‘responsibility’ wasn’t in your vocabulary, Encarta helped you with research, and pay phones weren’t lonely.

You Know You’re A 90’s Kid If.

You know all the words to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song

Goosebumps and Are You Afraid Of The Dark scared you

You collected (and maybe played) Pogs

You remember people fighting over Beanie Babies and Tickle Me Elmo toys

You had a short-lived slap bracelet phase

You know the Macarena

Your winter coat used to be a Starter jacket

You thought you could climb the Agrocrag faster than any of the kids on GUTS

Your shoes had flashing lights

TGIF was your favorite TV lineup

Oregon Trail Day was your favorite day in class

Bill Nye taught you something

You’d have a cassette tape in the radio so you could record your favorite song when it came on

You wanted to find Carmen Sandiego AND Waldo

Surge was your idea of an energy drink

Warheads and Tongue Splashers were a key contributor to your cavities

You predicted your future with one of these:

You told someone The Blair Witch Project was real

You knew every detail about each Saved By The Bell character

Your goal was to be on American Gladiators if becoming a professional athlete didn’t work out

You had a stance on whether you liked Ice Ice Baby or U Can’t Touch This better

You thought gas was expensive when it was over $1

You (or someone you know) wore Jelly Shoes, the Crocs of the 90s

This list is far from complete, please post your additions in the comments and we’ll add to the post!

54 thoughts on “You Know You’re A ’90’s Kid If…

  1. venimdenim

    sorry dood, but slap bracelets, lite up shoes, oregon trail, and jellies were pioneered in my generation…the 80s…but feel free to claim goosebumps, beanie babies, and bill nye…btw: that guy was just a bush-league mr. wizard.

  2. LL COOL J

    They may have been pioneered in the 80s, but they took off in the 90s. No one cares about which film an actor was an extra in, but rather, people only care about the film he breaks out in.

  3. a

    Hell yeah the 1990’s were great.
    The Simpsons didn’t suck.
    Hip Hop wasn’t 100% bullshit.
    and all of what you’ve named except all of those I don’t know.

  4. Tarah

    You can remember when Polly and her entire village could actually fit in your pocket.

    Before the Spongebob craze… who the F*** came up with that anyway.

    When you used to watch and record things on VHS and VCR’s

    When the limited edtion game boy pockets were released.

    Before Game Boy games were in color and how excited you were when they finally came in color.

    “As Long As You Love Me” was the number one hit song of 1999.

    iPods and iTunes didn’t exist and you had to drag yourself down to the music store and hope they weren’t sold out of whatever new CD hit the shelves.

    Before Twitter and You Tube.

    Texting wasn’t popular and eight hour phone calls were.

    Laptops weren’t on the school list of requirements.

    Not everyone had the internet.

    Remember a time when Google didn’t exist in reality or the dictionary.

    TMZ didn’t exist nor all the other gossip shows.

    Beverly Hills: 90210 wasn’t soft porn for teenagers.

    Sneakers had heels and were stylish.

    Tiny dogs weren’t a fashion accessory.

    Harry Potter was still locked in his cupboard and Twilight didn’t exist.

    Your pillows didn’t have speakers in them.

    You played red rover and four square.

  5. Erin(:

    oooooooooooh yeaa, those days were ‘DA BOMB’

    sabrina the teenage witch.
    pokemon every saturday morning.
    mouse trap!
    everyone had roller partys.
    the best!

  6. kari

    The McDonald’s #2 value meal; TWO cheeseburgers AND fries!

    Jean jackets with matching jeans.

    “Da Bomb!”

    Buzzed-cut hair with your teams logo buzzed into it the back of your head.

    Body piercings.

    Everyone loved fast food; it was a meal (and we didn’t know the ingredients).

    Shaved heads and mohawks meant you were a bad ass; none of that faux-hawk crap.

    Computers were used to play solitaire, mine sweep, wolfenstein, hearts, and showing off your “artwork” in the paint application.

    Movie ticket prices were reasonable (concession stands still expensive).

    The rain forest needed to be saved.


    Game systems didn’t break down; and IF they did, you blew into the console, and then it would work again (go to hell red ring of death).

    There were only 150 Pokemon.

    Film was developed and printed at a drug store; not uploaded.


    1. JJ

      The 1st year the buffalo bills went to the superbowl, I BEGGED to get the bills logo shaved into my head. We lost.. Haven’t since.. we still lose

  7. Jessica

    When you remember Nickelodeon without the obnoxious cartoons and Cartoon Network when it was without real humans and used to only be about cartoons.

  8. Courtney

    Dude my entire childhood just flashed before my eyes those were the good old days….damn i miss the simpler days.. and my rainbow bright lunchbox…

  9. Courtney

    oh yea and whoever just reminded me about the #2 at mcdonalds the two cheeseburgers and fries just fucked my whole world up! what happened to that I ALWAYS got that…

  10. Reggie

    The Mummy movies, Lisa Frank, Pokemon/Digimon, Britney Spears, Boy Bands, “Cin-der-el-la, dressed-in-yel-la, went upstairs and kissed-a-fel-la …”, All That ….

  11. Vendetta

    keenen and kal, All that. tamagotchis, dragon ball z. haha. slime, kablam, gameboy, gameboy color, obviously vhs, care bears, gel pens, pogo sticks, doug, rugrats, alex mack, idk awesome cartoons. some scooby doo. Busy town (richard scary)

  12. micro sd card

    wrist shot, lite shoes, the Oregon Trail, and the frost has been a pioneer in my generation, 80 but feel free to call the creepy, Beanie Babies, and new bill between: the guy was just a Bush-league.

  13. Kateandorkatie

    Every kid had a sprinkler to play in in the summer, fruit gushers, gel pens, silly putty, kids didn't have cell phones and didn't only communicate via text and facebook, you know all the lyrics to “bye bye bye” and “oops, i did it again”, doug, wild thornberrys, those “fizzies' (you know, the tablets you'd put in water and then the make your water all flavored and fizzy?), mary-kate and ashley were the hannah montana and selena gomez of the day, alvin and the chipmunks was a cartoon not a motion picture, sunkist, you knew which power puff girl was your favorite (mine was bubbles), skorts, all the popular girls had skip-its, karaoke machines were the coolest thing ever, you had a cassette tape player, hit clips, double dog dares, eenie meenie miny mo!, “I know you are, but what am I!”, furbies, swinging at the same time was “being married”, book fairs and oregon trail were the coolest things at school, show and tell still existed into 2nd grade, 4-square, every girl seemed to have a ponytail or pigtail SOMEWHERE in their hair at all times, windbreakers were the most common jacket (other than jean jackets of course), “DUH!”, 1st is the worst 2nd is the best 3rd is the one w/ the treasure chest!, there were so many hand clapping games that sometimes you got them mixed up, scooters were pretty awesome and so were inline skates when they 1st came out, and you wanted those shoes w/ wheels SO bad!, ok I could go on and on but I'm going to stop now :) Ah, good times, good times…

  14. 90's kid

    here’s the stuff you didn’t include;
    -Boys actually liked to watch the Little Mermaid
    -Sock em Bopper
    -roller skates were popular back then
    -Listening to your parents “oldies but goodies”
    -Disney on Ice

    90’s was in a way just perfect. Because it had the era of the computer yet the 90’s still brought people together. these days instead of a party everyone meets on live gaming. Instead of going to the movies people meet on facebook. Instead of hearing about your friends day you annoyingly hear it on twitter. Plus now you now get VERY annoying joke texts. These days everyone is fake. I mean for an average person to have 500 “friends” is absolutely absurd.

  15. Jay Jay Allen / Scotland Uk


    You Either Had A Plastic Or Metal One And The Plastic Was The Cool Rainbow Colours And The Metal One Was Just Silver, And You Screamed Yes When You Got A Side On The Rubix Cube But Went Off Your Head When You Had To Mess It Up To Copmplete It, 90’s Were The Best, Fukk Facebook. Fukk Mobile Phones,

    Was Better Just Roaming About The Joint Tryin To Find People Instead Of Txtin Where Are You And Meeting Them Somewhere, I MISS CHAPPING PEOPLES DOORS AND ASKING ARE THEY IN.

    You Hardly Got Involved With The Wrong Crowd And You Had No Reason To Stay Inside Unless The TV Was Shit Hot Or You Were Making Actual Use Out Of A Wanted Toy

    Ye Used Tae Go Tae Skool, Dae A Show N Tell, N Dae Yer Class Work, N Fae The Time The Bell Went It Wis Hame, Munch, Oot, Fitbaw, In, Bed,

    Fuck The Future

  16. Holly

    Your family had a big camcorder

    You actually played outside till dark

    Windows ’95 was the best

    You had the original game boy

    You had a super nintendo

    There was only one Toy Story

    Disney had the best movies (in my opinion)


    You actually played outside (wow! what an amazing concept for kids nowadays)

    You had to use a payphone to call someone

    You actually had to hand write a letter

  17. Mariana

    I was born in 1987 but I remember… I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP I’M A TOYS “R” US KID. Sigh… Now the store sucks and not just cause i’m older. I remember the original sky dancer flying dolls. I saw a remake for 2000 ugh the faces were so plain. Also girls were encouraged to be perfect Barbies dolls, not slutty Bratz.

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