115 thoughts on “The Best Star Wars “Action Figure” Ever

  1. Zorn

    QUICK! Let’s ALL point out the obvious and completely overlook the point of this post!
    But yeah. This really failed to elicit any response from me, emotional or otherwise. Only your comments humored me, when I realized you actually believed that declaring the image to be ‘shopped would be perceived by others as enlightening.
    I mean, damn, guys.

  2. DougtheBug

    Why oh why do I always have to be the one to explain this…. “Shooped”, “Its photoshopped, I can tell because of the pixels”, “The shadows are all wrong.” is all a REALLY old and lame internet joke. There really is no relevance of it being photoshopped. Its just a troll. Aaaand there’s always some ‘tard that falls into it. Go google “memes and internet jokes” before you post any irritable responses on blogs.

  3. Lame...

    Well no shit it’s photo shopped, but that’s not the point dick. It’s supposed to humorous… instead of knit picking shit on the internet, go get a job and become a critic for movies or something, Jesus Christ. Go get butt hurt somewhere else. Maybe you need a little force in your life… such as… getting laid once and a while <3



  5. IcantbelievethelevelofDoofusity!

    All you guys saying Shopped, or photoshopped, can you explain the joke, I dont get it.

    I mean, there must be a joke, you cant seriously be expecting me to believe you’re that stupid.

    I mean, you put letters together to make a word, so it cant be that you are that stupid.

    And is shooped a new slang phrase, “I iz all shooped like, innit?”

    This one made me smile, but the aunt & uncle is, as MATHEW would say “FUNNY AS HELL”

  6. cris-decon

    fuck sa pas calis dallure site web ka .cest sa ki arrive kan tu fait du stumble upon. ta clientelle du debut se pogne ak du monde ki arrive de niowherel. on sen calis tellement du photoshop cest la joke le points.

  7. Uhm

    I agree with Andrew (as well as anyone bitching at people bitching about photoshopping.) Sorry Bspcn, but this was not the best Stumble article to introduce me to your site. Go ef yourselves in the eh.

  8. Anonymous

    Did all the mitichlorians fall out of the packaging? This can’t be worth much if it has been opened. I am an avid collector of Star Wars (TM) memorabilia and would love to actually get my hands on an unopened version of this one.

  9. Michelle

    You know what’s really funny? The total gits that think they are the ONLY people on the internet that could figure out this was shopped. Nobody cares. It’s still funny.

  10. Don

    Jeez…obviously it was photoshopped….AGAIN this is a joke..and its funny. Those who do not think this is even worth a chuckle…or all they could do was yell “shopped or shooped (?)” were probably ones that thought greedo really should have shot first…sorry…had to go that route..

  11. Pelvic Force

    I lol at:

    – the picture
    – people saying its “shooped”
    – people complaining about people saying its shopped
    – the name i just used
    – “fuck 4chan”
    – Freder being a gay brit kid
    – people saying that other people should think its funny
    – faggots

  12. Not Funny

    As an avid Star Wars “Action Figure” collector while ages 12-15 (long time ago), I’m pretty sure they are collecting dust in my attic or in a landfill somewhere, I find this to be very unfunny. Borderline clever…but really overall uncreative and not funny.

  13. Celso

    Some people on here have no sense of humor. You cannot explain the humor here so ya’ll can just mope around depressed because you missed out on a great joke.

  14. blukehar

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  15. sev

    Actually its not shopped… I can walk down and buy this right now there are I think 6 peices to this set including “the force” “dead ewok fur” “burnt uncle owen & aunt beru” figures as well as a few others. first time I saw it in the comic shop I nearly crapped myself.

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