60 Photography Links You Can’t Live Without

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I’m pretty much addicted to photography. Methods, gear, news, you name it. It really is kinda scary. To keep my addiction in check when I’m not shooting or shopping, I need a steady flow of photo content to keep the shakes and withdrawl symptoms from popping up so I put together a list of what i consider to be some of the best photo-related content out there. Read on for more photo link porn than you can shake a stick at including 25 blogs, 20 AMAZING photographers, and some other fun stuff that will make those days you feel stuck at your desk wishing you were shooting go a bit smoother…

Photography Related Blogs

This makes up only about a quarter of everything I’m subscribed to in my Google Reader and are in no particular order. I tried to pick a well-rounded batch of sites to share and had to limit it somehow and it wasn’t easy. If you aren’t listed here, let me know in the comments!

  1. A Photo Editor Blog by Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.
  2. Digital Photography SchoolJust as the name implies… a blog by prominent blogger Darren Rowse focusing on the basics of Digital Photography.
  3. Epic EditsA creation of Brian Auer, the most dedicated blogger I know.
  4. f/1.0Photography by Ed Zawadzki. He REALLY loves prime lenses
  5. Flickr Blog DO I even need to say? Keps me up-to-date with news from the best photo sharing site in the world.
  6. Gizmodo Digital Camera NewsBigtime gadget blog, this is a direct link to their camera news feed… I really only use them for release news and they sometimes have and link to good hands-on reviews.
  7. EngadgetAlong with Gizmodo, these two usually break the big camera stories first… which makes them worth mentioning.
  8. L7 FotoA general photography blog, great tips and reviews.
  9. Magnum Photos BlogNo this isn’t photos of Zoolander, its the blog of the legendary Magnum Photos Agency. If you don’t know what Magnum is, you should.
  10. PhotowalkingTrevor Carpenter’s world of photowalking, a craze thats seems to be taking the community by storm.
  11. PhotopreneurGreat content, mostly photo-business related.
  12. Strobist If someone says the words ‘photography blog’ Strobist is probably the first name to come up. Amazng lighting tips and tricks.
  13. What’s The Jackanory?The blog of Andrew Hetherington, editorial and commercial photographer from Dublin Ireland living in New York City
  14. Thomas HawkBig name in the community and photowalking legend.
  15. Rebekka Probably the most popular photographer on flickr, She is from Iceland and shoots AMAZING things.
  16. Photoshop InsiderThe reigning king of Photoshop.. why? He is the best selling Photoshop book author ever, president of the NAPP an awesome photographer and retoucher and much more.
  17. PhotoDotoPublished b the same guy who created BigHugeLabs, with well-rounded, fun content.
  18. Jim Goldstein Ridiculous landscape photographer and blogger.
  19. Photo Critic Another photography blog with great, well rounded content.
  20. Stuck in CustomsProbably thebest known HDR artist out there. He creates amazing, artistic HDR creations.
  21. Photography Bay My favorite site for photography rumors.
  22. O’Reilly Digital Media Blogs Lots of blogs from lots of peeps, has great Photoshop and Lightroom content.
  23. John Nack on Adobe Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop. He knows his stuff.
  24. Chase Jarvis Ridiculous pro photographer, breaking down the common barriers put in place by lots of pros, and sharing his mojo on his blog.
  25. PDN PulseThe blog of Photo District News.

Amazing Photographer Portfolios

This list, in no particular order, makes up 20 of my favorite photographer portfolios out of about 60 I have bookmarked. Each and every one is frikkin ridiculous and I’m leaving out descriptions becasue the images speak for themselves.

  1. Michael Muller
  2. Eric Ryan Anderson
  3. Kris Krug
  4. Patrick Hoelck
  5. Zach Gold
  6. Vincent Laforet
  7. Brook Pifer
  8. Jeremy Cowart
  9. Alberto Oviedo
  10. Eoloperfido
  11. Joey Lawrence
  12. Philip Toledano
  13. Matt Stuart
  14. Dave Hill
  15. Mareen Fishinger
  16. Jill Greenberg
  17. Branislav Kropilak
  18. James Nachtwey
  19. Andrew Zuckerman
  20. Chris Jordan

Photography News and Post Aggregators

If you don’t have the time to subscribe to hundreds of sites, the sites below can keep you up to date on all the happenings in the photo world.

  1. Photography VoterKinda like digg for photography. Post a story, and vote it up to the top.
  2. Imaging InsiderHandpicked photography stories from around the web.
  3. PicUrls Similar to popurls, aggregates photo content from all kinds fo different sources
  4. AphlogPretty much the same as picurls, but with varying content.
  5. 1001 Noisy Cameras Digital Camera NewsTons and tons of news, reviews and photo links from just about everywhere.

Photo News & Reviews

They aren’t blogs but they offer great photography related news and educational content.

  1. PopPhoto Home of the magazines Popular Photography, American Photo and more. Dig in a bit and find great reviews, blogs and news.
  2. The Digital PicturePut simply, the best Canon equipment review site by far. This guy goes into more detail and testing than i thought possible.
  3. Photo.net Kinda old and decrepit at this point, but worth a mention because it has a ton of great content if you dig a little.
  4. Rob Galbraith Another Canon site, Rob Galbraith has been arond for years and is often the first to get new Canon news.
  5. Ken RockwellAnother old school photography ste. It has a jenky design but TONS of great information, including lots and lots of Nikon reviews.

Goodies for Flickr

I’m pretty much obsessed with flickr and these are some of my favorite toys that make it even better.

  1. Big Huge Labs The original flickr goodies site, used by millions of flickr users worldwide.
  2. Slideoo My favorite flickr slideshow widget.
  3. Flickr Leech Ajaxy flickr exploration site, makes browsing images a fast, seamless process.
  4. Pic LensSweet Firefox add-on that turns photo browsing into a full screen immersive experience. You really have to try it to understand.
  5. Flickr RssMy favorite wordpress plugin for Flickr, allows you to ass your flickr stream to any wordpress blog.

Phew! That was a lot of clicking… I apologize if I’ve detroyed your productivity for the day, or caused arthritis in your mouse-finger… we both know it was worth it. Now it’s your turn. If you have your own site to share, or anything else you think is awesome, let me know in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for more.

*** Update: We have some late additions brought to you by CameraPorn readers

  1. The Online Photographer
  2. Photub
  3. Fred Miranda
  4. Manuel Librodo
  5. This Week in Photography
  6. DP Review – *note: I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this one… I personally love dpreview, but didn’t include it because its always included in lists like this.. just wanted to be different

keep ’em coming in the comments and I’ll continue to add to the list

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  1. Elizabeth

    Ahhh my brain is exploding with all these awesome, awesome links! This is incredibly convenient. And it’s better than the usual link dump people do because you’ve grouped it and explained why you like it! Thanks very much. Except it’s going to take me forever to get this all into Google Reader. Not really. Just a long time. But it will be worth it I suppose!

    Thanks heaps!

  2. Paul - Leeds daily photo

    I have only come across a few of the above links before. The only real problem with the web is that there is so much of it out there. So it is useful that people with some time and patience collect this type of info then put it in one place. So Thanks.

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