Top 10 United States President’s of All Time.

Written by marvin

The American Presidency is the most honored and revered political office in the world. Great Generals, Attorneys and even Actors have had the honor of being referred as the Chief Executive of the United States of America. The following list contains the best United States Presidents of all time. My determination and analysis was objective as I thoroughly reviewed each President’s historical influence and actions while in office.

1. Abraham Lincoln

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” – Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, was elected as the 16th President and nearly single handedly saved the Union during the American Civil War. Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War was one of stern direction and no compromise however at the same time Lincoln clearly understood that he would have the task of Uniting the States once the North won the war. Lincoln’s actions and vision kept the union together and eventually led to the abolition of slavery in the United States.

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – FDR

FDR was elected as the 32nd President and is the only President to serve four terms as President. Throughout his four terms in office, FDR had an enormous impact on America. Roosevelt worked tirelessly to end the Great Depression, including the creation and establishment of the New Deal implemented to assist America’s return to international prominence.

3. George Washington

“The nation which indulges towards another a habitual hatred, or an habitual fondness, is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.” – Washington

Washington served as our first President and because of such set forth many important precedents and actions that were later followed by his predecessors. His insistence on not to become a “monarch” was pivotal for American politics. This two term precedent was only eclipsed when FDR served four terms. The 22nd amendment has made certain that no Presiednet will ever serve more than two terms.

4. Thomas Jefferson

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. . . the Almighty has no attribute that can take side with us in such a contest.” – Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, was elected as the third President of America and his decision to execute the Louisiana Purchase, nearly doubled the United States size overnight. Jefferson was known to be a strong state’s rights activist who realized the need for consolidating power in the federal government when necessary.

5. Theodore Roosevelt

“No Man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of expedience.” – Roosevelt”

Teddy made an enormous impact on America being known as the “Trust Buster” when he vigilantly conquered corrupt businesses. An avid outdoorsman, Teddy was deeply committed to conservation of American wildlife. Teddy established numerous national parks for preservation purposes and halted the rapid expansion of industrialization of his time.

6. Andrew Jackson

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.” – Jackson

Jackson’s election showcased the rise of the common man to the office of the president. Jackson was a man of humble beginnings and with his rise he became the epitome of the American dream. His fame and popularity was enormous. Jackson’s actions as a strong nationalist are evidenced by his controversial decisions to move the Native Americans during the Trail of Tears east of the Mississippi and his strong fight against the national bank.

7. Woodrow Wilson

“The history of liberty is a history of the limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.” – Wilson

Wilson was at the helm of control when America was brought into the national stage. Wilson’s decision to enter World War I and away from isolationism were seen by many as violating Washington’s tenant of avoiding foreign entanglements. However this was unlike any war that Washington had experienced and Wilson’s hope of bringing the US into the League of Nations, later the United Nations was realized.

8. Harry S. Truman

“When even one American – who has done nothing wrong — is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all of Americans are in peril.” – Truman

Truman, was elected as the 33rd President and Truman entered into office during one of the most difficult times in American history. Truman made the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman then organized the end of World War II and established firm precedents for the beginning of the Cold War.

9. James K. Polk

“No president who performs his duties faithfully and conscientiously can have any leisure.” – Polk

With the exception of Jefferson, no other President has increased the size of the United States more than Polk. Polk arranged for the acquisition of New Mexico and California through the Mexican American War. Polk also claimed Oregon Territory after a new treaty with England. Polk stands for and embodies the U.S. notion of manifest destiny. Polk was also an extremely effective leader during the Mexican American War. Many historians consistently refer to him as the best one term president.

10. Dwight Eisenhower

“Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed” – Eisenhower

Eisenhower’s time in office was full of American prosperity and great economic gain. Eisenhower also provided key leadership used during the Cold War.

Honorable Mention / Personal Favorites

John F. Kennedy

“And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – Kennedy

Bill Clinton

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Clinton

Who do you believe are the Best President’s of All Time? Did I miss any?

90 thoughts on “Top 10 United States President’s of All Time.

  1. Nate

    Correction, 31 Marylant legislators. It was the mayor of Baltimore who was imprisoned as well. Among others that disagreed with Lincoln’s political philosophy.

    1. Danielle

      I have to say I believe in the scope of things Lincoln was more than justified to over-reach a little. If Maryland would have seceeded Washington D.C. would have been completely surrounded by enemy territory. I personally don’t see a problem with actions. I also find it odd that Lincoln is the President you critize when F. Roosevelt, Jackson, Polk,and Wilson somehow made the list? Also where is Reagan?

  2. Robert Boyd, San Jose, CA

    I was amazed when I scanned your list of the 10 greatest Presidents, because it mirrored my own selections with the notable, glaring, and horrendous exception of Andrew Jackson and in your selection of Eisenhower. The man was a self-righteous would-be dictator with no respect for the laws of the land nor for those who enacted them (the Congress) nor for those who ruled on their legitimacy vis-?-vis the Constitution (the Supreme Court). You casually dismissed his relocation of the American Indians (specifically forbidden by Federal law), then setting about the execution of the move with less than humane regard for the original natives of this land. In my opinion, he was nothing less than a butcher — a bitter old man who should never have been allowed within 100 yards of the White House! I am appalled at how Americans not only tolerate bigotry in their leaders but actually commemorate it!

    Ike was the prime example of a ?do-nothing? President. It was primarily during his tenure that the good ole USA adopted the policy of supporting, monetarily and diplomatically, the dictators of this world who had wrested the power of government from the people they held in submission. Filling in that position on my list would have been the man whom history?s verdict will vindicate: Bill Clinton. It is my considered opinion that Bill Clinton has been most injudiciously besmirched by his enemies. The man almost restored the integrity of this great republic in the eyes of the world, left a three trillion dollar treasury surplus (rapidly squandered by George Dubya), and reduced the size and cost of government. If he had been a Republican, Mr. Gingrich (a self-confessed letch, himself) would have undoubtedly extolled his sexual prowess — as Leno said: If the President of the United States can’t score a little on the side, he’s not much a man! My 10th choice would have been John Kennedy, a man who restored youthful optimism and selfless dedication to making the world a better place to live in.

    (By the way, the Constitution specifically forbids the suspension of the writ of Habeas Corpus, except when under invasion or in the throes of rebellion. So, curiously, Lincoln was within his rights…) By the way, I would have George Washington at the top of this list ? his contributions to the establishment of this country as the greatest democracy in history are generally over-looked and under-estimated.

    One last note: I can remember when ?liberal? was not seen as a dirty word but, rather, described those who committed their efforts to improving the lot of those less fortunate than himself.

  3. Brian Rossa

    Recently, I just started school at Fullerton College and I am taking a Political Science class and I happened to be just looking around for whom the picture as

  4. Brian Rossa

    Recently, I just started school at Fullerton College in Fullerton, California and I am taking a Political Science class and just having started we discussed in class the “Greatest Presidents.” Now online, I am looking around for whom people picture or believe to be the “Greatest President.” It is ridiculous the things that are being said “I am appalled at how Americans not only tolerate bigotry in their leaders but actually commemorate it!”. The reason American’s believe in their Commander and Chief is actually an amazement because of modern day media. However, the fact of the matter is as a leader of this Great Country presidents sometimes face difficult situations and need to have “means to justify an ends”. The reason things may sometimes be taken as though there could have been a better way of doing that is sometime correct. Although, the government in most cases knows a little bit more than the general public.

  5. Julia

    I was also shocked not to see Reagan up there. I was young, but he was the last good president we had, and I’m sorry to say, Lincoln was a selfish ass. He did what made him look good, not what was best for the country. I grew up in MA, and I have never been a sympathizer for the south in the Civil War, but it pisses me off to no end that Lincoln freed the slaves as a brilliant tactical move (purely military) and is viewed as this great humanitarian. He didn’t do what he thought was right; he served himself, and no president should serve himself before his country. The mere fact that he let his country go to war with itself should discount his presidential “skills” and let you know where he stood as far as his fellow human beings went. Don’t tell me he couldn’t have compromised.
    Clinton was also self serving (with help), and I don’t know of a president I’ll ever trust more than Mr. Reagan, besides Washington…who should have in no way been behind Lincoln. It makes me sick.

  6. Jason

    The list is, all things considered, commendable, both safely within the parameters of common sense (historically speaking) and willing to take interesting shots. For me personally, TR and Truman are perhaps a bit overrated–Teddy was a great executive & a great figure, but didn’t have to carry the weight that Wilson did, while Truman, though capable of great resolve and far-reaching plans, had weaknesses (cf. his gloating answer to the question when the Soviets would get the Bomb: “Never!”) that get papered over. I like the elevation of Eisenhower in the ranks, but my particular weakness is for John Adams, LBJ & GHW Bush, all of whom make it somehow onto my own list.
    In reply to Julia: Lincoln was a racist, but also an anti-slavery humanitarian, & the emancipation was both a brilliant tactical move & a moral one. Buchanan allowed the nation to go to war with itself; Lincoln inherited the conflict, against a completely intractable South, and pursued his Constitutional and ethical prerogative to preserve the nation against tremendous odds. If Lincoln somehow, as you seem to reckon, was simply a monster of selfishness, he could have contented himself as some sort of military dictator over the North. Short of buying into conspiracy theory, I can’t understand how you can indulge in so recklessly imaginative a rereading of Lincoln’s character.


    please have some nulaged about what is going on around you
    this isnt United State of America HERE is the United State of Israil which is ocupited by rich jowish pepole &every works for them we just work to pay the banks or credit cards even the army is for protact there interst &allweapens companys are belong to them incloding Magzins newspeper &T.V ,hollywood&…..they killd jisses cross(god upon him)&moses(god upon him) .just have some eduction about this matter please

  8. Jeffrey

    Calvin Coolidge was the greatest president of the 20th century. He presided over a booming economy and was wisely frugal. He kept government small, and lowered taxes while encouraged business to grow allowing goods to be more affordable for the masses. Unlike his predecessor he kept us out of war. And he never said anything he would regret. Too bad his hand picked successor messed things up by raising taxes and imposing ridicules tariffs?.

    FDR shouldn?t be on this list as he presided over the worst economy ever and prolonged the Great depression (the longest in history due in part to his medaling with the economy as well as prolonging the Hoover agenda). Although he inherited the financial fiasco from the failure Hoover, FDR fueled the problem: practically the whole New Deal was extrapolated from programs that Hoover started) in the first year of the New Deal, Roosevelt proposed spending $10 billion while revenues were only $3 billion. Between 1933 and 1936, government expenditures rose by more than 83 percent. Federal debt shot up by 73 percent. The NRA (National Recovery Act) shortening hours, arbitrarily raised wages, and imposed new costs on enterprise. In the six months industrial production dropped 25 percent. Just was the recovery needed as month leading up to the passage of the NRA productivity was moving upward.

    Abraham Lincoln was the greatest war-time president. Perhaps the greatest president of all time. Despite his disregard for states rights, his ?bending? of the constitution and the distorted image created in American history, he was a master politician. Only Nixon comes close as a master politician. He was a failure of a soldier, married to a nutcase, and suffered depression, yet he managed to win a complex civil war. Flawed as all humankind, he restored the US

  9. King Aardvark

    Jeffrey: re FDR and his spending, there is a well documented economic theory that says that:
    1) when the economy is doing well, the gov’t should stock up as much money as reasonably possible to save for a rainy day
    2) when the economy is poor, the gov’t should spend to try to jump start the economy.
    How well that works is a matter of debate, but FDR was staying well within the bounds of standard economic advice.

  10. freddie

    I agree,
    To leave Ronald Reagan out, and to include Bill Clinton as an honorable mention is a big insult and undermines your whole list.

    Ronald Reason ended half century cold war, while Clinton couldn’t control his little pe— while serving as Commander in Chief; and forget about the chances he had at getting Bin Laden . . .

  11. Andrew Mills

    FDR’s New Deal Programs did not end the great depresssion, all it did was to prevent the economy from growing for the next decade and forever expanded the government to an extent that was never intended by the constitution. Not to mention he became big buddies with a man named Stalin.

    Woodrow Wilson dragged out country through a war merely for the right to travel through warzone on belligerent ships.

    Harry Truman sympathy towards communism ruined a great oppurtunity to end it.

    Your list is quite flawed. Here are the true top ten presidents.

    1. Ronald Reagan

    2. Calvin Coolidge.

    3. Thomas Jefferson.

    4. Andrew Jackson.

    5. Warren G Harding.

    6. George Washington

    7. Theodore Roosevelt

    8. William Howard Taft

    9. Chester Auther

    10. Rutherford Hays

  12. Travis

    Like many who have already commented, I think the omission of Regan is tragic. Regan?s contributions to the United States rival those of FDR.
    Clinton?s sexual indiscretions aside, the man was responsible for the development of massive holes in US security and defense. The United States suffered multiple terrorist attacks. He bombed Iraq because poor intelligence reported they were making weapons of mass destruction (you think G.W.B. would have learned from this). Clinton was a good president in many respects, but definitely not a top ten candidate. Giving him an honorable mention on a top ten list is disproportionate to his accomplishments.
    That said, kudos on compiling such a reasonable and respectable list.

  13. Jimmy

    In 50 years Clinton will be firmly positioned in the bottom 3 presidents of all time competing with Jimmy Carter and Franklin Pierce. Considering your top ten, it is disgusting to see FDR listed there. He was a 3rd rate dictator who prolonged the depression through his idiotic schemes. The real top ten would go something like this:

    George Washington
    Ronald Reagan
    Calvin Coolidge
    Thomas Jefferson
    George W. Bush
    John Q. Adams
    William McKinley
    Grover Cleveland
    James K. Polk
    W. H Harrison (because he dropped into a coma after his inaugural address)

  14. kelly

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  15. Ryan

    My top 10 are:

    10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    9. Woodrow Wilson
    8. George Washington
    7. John F. Kennedy
    6. Andrew Jackson
    5. Thomas Jefferson
    4. James Madison
    3. James K. Polk
    2. Abraham Lincoln
    1. John Quincy Adams

  16. Lewis

    I am DISGUSTED Reagan’s not their!

    Here are my top 10:
    1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    2. Ronald Reagan
    3. Abraham Lincoln
    4. Theodore Roosevelt
    5. George Washngton
    6. Thomas Jefferson
    7. Harry S Truman
    8. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    9. Bill Clinton
    10. Woodrow Wilson

  17. Donrick Blevins

    1.) Aberham Lincoln
    2.) Franklin D. Roosevelt
    3.) Thomas Jefferson
    4.) Andrew Jackson
    5.) George Washington
    6.) Woodrow Wilson
    7.) William J. Clinton
    8.) John F. Kennedy
    9.) Theodore Roosevelt
    10.) Harry S. Truman
    HM’s Dewight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, James Madison, John Adams

  18. Donrick Blevins

    1.)Lincoln- Elequent,compassionate,and true Lincoln’s position against the barberism of slavery and his ability to clam a chaotic warring nation were just a couple of qualities that firmly place him atop my list.
    2.)FDR- Savey and dedicated FDR lead us out of depression with his new deal and commanded the US military during the invasion of occupied France.
    3.)Jeffersons contribution to the Declaration of independence and the fact that he doubled the size of early america with his Louisiana purchase says it all.
    4.)Jackson- Although he wasn’t my type of guy, he did completely pay off the US debt before he left office. He also steered the US twords a state led instead of federal government lead nation.
    5.) Washington- The father of our great nation and a hero of the revolution, only his federlist ties to Alexander hamilton and the fact that he owned so many slaves moves him from 2 to 5.
    6.)Woody- Leadership in WWI and his fourteen points speech the development of the league of nations, the predecessor to the UN and his involvement in the treaty of versailles seats wilson.
    7.)Clinton- In a time of true turmoil and terrorist activity, Bill Clinton allowed Americans to enjoy the fruits of a booming economy and left office with a surplus instead of deficit. He also atempted to kill Osama Bin Laden several times, a task that the CIA and military failed to complete.
    8.)JFK-Took Us to the moon, Calmed the Cuban Missle Crisis, asked thee US citizen to ask not what his country could do for him, but instead ask what he could do for his Country…..Priceless.
    9.)Teddy R- Spanish American War Hero and rough rider, TR and his square deal that called for universal health care and his adoption of the panama canal earns his place.
    10.)Harry S. Truman- Made the call to pummel the Japanese into submission and taught them a harsh lesson about attacking innocent americans, and that alone is enough to make my top 10.

  19. Donrick Blevins

    Jimmy, were you huffing dust-off during US History class or are you Fucking retarded? FDR was definately one of the 3 greatest men to ever grace the halls of the White House. Had it not been for his knowledge of bussiness we may not have became the Superpower that we were after WWII. And your federlist/Republican terror squad with the exception of Jefferson and Reagan and Polk are all responsible for shakey econmics and poor money management. You are truly an Idiot!

  20. avi

    1.Washington 2.Lincoln 3.Jefferson 4.Reagan (ended the cold war) 5.Kennedy 6.Clinton 7.TR 8.Truman 9.Eisenhower 10.Carter (habitat for humanity) HMs Bush Jr (iraqi democracy), Adams Sr. (american revolution), Madison (constitution), Polk, Ford (ended watergate), Monroe (Florida purchase), Cleveland (avoided a war), Grant (ended the civil war), Adams Jr. (Monroe doctrine), Coolidge (do-nothing pres).

  21. Sam

    1.Ronald Regean- Tore down the burlin Wall and made Russia an Allie, also ended a cold war that was on the verge of becoming a Nuclear War!
    2.FDR-One of the Reasons why we are a democracy. Saved Humanity
    3.G.W.Bush JR_ 9/11 he responded without hesitation and rallied america and let us all remember how patriotic this country can be
    4.Teddy Roosevelt- Brought Universal healthcare to this country and for his role in the expansion of the Panama canal.
    5. Abraham Lincoln- Abloshised salvery let american know that we all can be equal.
    6. Ulysse S. Grant- Defeted General Robert E. Lee and led the North to a victory and help end slavery
    7.Bush Sr.- Ended ethnic clensing and Genocide in Iraq sent American Forces into Iraq defeating a Sadam Hussean Regime in only 45 days!
    8. George Washington-Founding father of our country, led us to a win in the revoultionary war with the odds stactked against us.
    9.Richard Nixon- Ended the War in vietnam brought our troops home and was the only president to recongnize theire efforts and accomplishments.
    10. DweighT Eisenhower- Brought Prosperity to this country and kept it economically well. He helped this country avoid another great depression.

    Honorable Mention( James K. Polk) Brought California and the oregon terriory to the united States as a treat from England. He was a pioneer and believed in trade and demand.

    Bill Clinton- although his foreign Policy was a joke, no doubt he left the oval office with a Surplus instead of a deficit he is the only U.S. President ever to accomplish such a monumental event

  22. selvirino

    There’s so much mythology around all our presidents; it’s hard to cull facts from fiction. I would like to comment that I lived through the Reagan years and felt then, as I do now, that he was a poor president.

    Reagan’s economic policies were a disaster, increasing the deficit and dept exponentially. I’d make the case that the deregulation and tax policies of Reaganomics are the root cause of our current financial crisis and fiscal mess.

    His appointment of Watt showed a real scorn for the environment. Reagan turned his back on the stewardship of the environment emblematic of the Republican party from Teddy Roosevelt though Richard Nixon.

    Reagan’s hands-off approach to management led to the Iran Contra scandal. It’s no small thing to have your former Secretary of Defense convicted and ready to go to jail (pardoned by Bush 41).

    As for the myth of ending the cold war:
    1. The USSR and Berlin Wall fell during Bush 41’s term
    2. The end of the Soviet empire was a direct result of their economic collapse, which took place over decades. Pat Moynihan called the demise of the USSR prior to Reagan even taking office.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

  23. Dit

    I just want to say that I believe they should either add to, or create a new, Mount Rushmore with FDR, JFK, Reagan, and Obama (whom I percieve is going to become a great President in the years to come) for all of their accomplishments in office.

  24. Kevin

    I’d say they’re all reasonable picks except Jackson. Yeah, he got a lot done and generally followed the popular will, but I can’t put him in the top ten for starting Trail of Tears and his economic policies. The entire bad economy under Van Buren was because of Jackson. I’d go with either Kennedy or maybe Monroe.

  25. Nick

    I, like many other comments believe Reagan is in the top ten. Not just for his Trickle down economics policy or for going after the Federal government but, his belief of saying that this country is as a shinning city set up on a hill! I hope we do not as americans stray from that. God bless!!

  26. Longo Begondo

    2Grover Cleveland
    3Abraham Lincoln
    4Thomas Jefferson
    5George Washington
    6Woodrow Wilson
    7Harry S. Truman
    8James Monroe
    9James Madison
    10Calvin Coolidge

  27. Billy

    Clement, get your facts straight about the word preceded. That won’t earn you much respect. And also, no dummy gets a master’s degree from an ivy league university, as George W. Bush has done, because I’m assuming you’re referring to him. You are free to disagree with the former president, but it says something about your character if you resort to name calling.

  28. avi

    1.Madison 2.Washington 3.Lincoln 4.FDR 5.TR 6.Truman 7.Eisennhower 8.Adams 1 9.Reagan 10.Kennedy Jefferson was a great founding father but not a good president Jackson was a great soldier but not a good president.

  29. avi

    how about a rushmore for post-coolidge presidents with FDR Truman Ike and prob. Reagan but maybe Kennedy should be 4th I don’t know.

  30. avi

    I’m surprised at the amount of ppl putting the bushes in their list, well sr. I can kind of understand, but jr.? IMO Clinton was too liberal to b considered a top 10, but he was better than his predecessor and certainly better than his successor!

  31. SyracuseSam

    All presidents take the oath described in section 2 of the constitution. Both Lincoln and FDR scorned that oath. Lincoln when it came to States rights (which was what the Civil War was really about), and FDR when it came to Federal Powers (at minimum he tried to pack the Supreme Court). I find it so amazing that either of these Presidents make it on any Top 10’s. Can you imagine W starting a civil war to stop the Northeast from peacefully seceding? And the plethora of “What can your government do for you today” programs started by FDR that have haunted this country ever since is just too hard to ignore.

    We need more critical thinking, and US Government tought in primary schools.

  32. Eric Martell

    John F. Kennedy deserves to be in the Top 10, for the sacrifices he made, for his decision to use diplomacy instead of war, for his efforts for an equal America. LBJ stole his presidency and his dreams for an equal America . Long Live President John F. Kennedy!

  33. Princess

    The best president hands down is F.D.R, now every president had there moments. It just because the they serve. Wilson was one of the best. Lincoln was one of the best. And also J.F.K. was one of the best. The rest of them fall in the respected places. Clinton was not one of the worst. And Hoover indeed the worst.

  34. biggiesmalls


    1. FDR
    2. Lincoln
    3. Jefferson
    4. Washington
    5. Jackson
    6. T. Roosevelt
    7. Wilson
    8. Truman
    9. Polk
    10. Kennedy


    10. Tyler
    9. Fillmore
    8. Hoover
    7. A. Johnson
    6. Pierce
    5. Nixon
    4. Grant
    3. Buchanan
    2. Harding
    1. Bush JR.

  35. Justin

    Actually, Polk did increase the size of the United States more than Jefferson between the Mexican Cession and the Oregon Country.


    1. Lincoln
    2. Washington
    3. T. Roosevelt
    4. FDR
    5. Jefferson
    6. Nixon
    7. Regan
    8. Cleveland
    9. Polk
    10. Taylor


    10. Grant
    9. A. Johnson
    8. Harding
    7. Fillmore
    6. Taft
    5. B. Harrison
    4. Hoover
    3. LBJ
    2. Pierce
    1. Buchanan

  36. Norm

    Here is my list and why.

    1. Washington was the key stone that made this country
    2. Lincoln put every bit of himself into preserving the Union
    3. Kennedy for managing the Cuban Missile Crisis without nuclear war
    4. FDR for pulling us out of the depression/ Social Security
    5. Monroe because he started the idea of an American sphere of influence
    6. Reagan for putting pressure on the soviets/ending the cold war
    7. Eisenhower for the interstate free way system we use daily
    8. John Adams he realized washington was right and tried to emulate him
    9. Jimmy Carter for everything he has done outside the white house
    10. Thomas Jefferson for the Louisiana Purchase, expanding America

  37. Marsh

    Holy shit. Is everyone who writes for this retarded site an ignorant and brainwashed leftist? You know jack shit about the presidents you listed beyond whatever source of Marxist history revisionism you were spoonfed.

  38. Jim

    umm. ronald reagan should be the worst of all time. he destroyed the US and made the rich people richer and everyone else poorer. and he's the reason all of our goods are made in china, Vietnam, etc. he destroyed the working class and took all of the jobs away from the US.

    1. RB

      Reagen is one of the best. He decreased tax, and made it possible for struggling businesses to to exceptionally better.

      If you have new businesses, you have new job opportunities.

  39. Truth

    Clinton was NO great president. Infact, is partly to blame for the housing market crash. He also sold our weapons technology to china to get us out of debt, making it seem like he save the country when he was actually only setting is up for eventual economic failure. The temporary fix in the national debt actually didnt fix any of the issues that cause the debt in the first place. By re-enstating a bill, started during the Carter Presidency, that forced banks to approve loans to individuals who had neither the credit or the income to support, the housing markey crached to do unpaid bank loans and forclosures. Not to mention that he lied about his relations to Monica, in the Oval office. Clinton was a horrible MAN and a horrible President.

  40. GOP-krb



    (And any of you people who think saying Obama's a terrible president is racist,
    it's not. He's just a terrible president. Then again, I'm Republican. And I'm not
    into turning America into a Socialist country.)

  41. Toby

    My list
    1. Reagan
    2.Bush Sr.
    3. Jefferson
    5. Washington
    6. James Madison
    7. James Monroe
    8.Andrew Jackson
    9. Polk
    10. Eisenhower

    1. Wilson
    5. TR
    6. LBJ
    7. Bill Clinton
    8. JFK

  42. Zack

    Lincoln was the worst president ever he had more americans killed than any other president ever and Truman needs to be higher he saved so many american lives

  43. Kev

    I do argree with you to some degree we did lose a lot of Americans in the civil war but I believe it was nessiary because, James Bucannan the president before lincoln caused major promblems. when the southern states were succeding bucannan did nothing. thats why hes called the lame duck president. When lincoln took office Rebel troops seized federal arzenals and captured union troops lincoln try to put and end to it peacefully but the south would not give in. Which led to four years of brutal and bloody fighting which in the end if the north lost slavery might still have exsisted and the country split in have.

  44. Jason

    Here are my top five,
    FDR, TR, Eisenhower, Wilson, and Lincoln. I chose FDR because he led us out of the worst time in history. I chose TR because he was a trust buster and eliminated bad government and bad business. I chose Eisenhower because he built on all of FDR's new deal programs and their was general prosperity. I chose Wilson because he protected workers, made banks better, and eliminated bad business. I chose Lincoln because he led us out of the Civil War and prevented the south from succeeding from the union.

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  46. RB

    Personally, this is my favorites:


    I did like Pres.Bush Jr, but I’m not putting him as the best. I would however put him in top 15-20.

    As for worst:
    Carter and Clinton.

    Undecided :
    Obama. I don’t like him very much thus far mainly because he has a very socialist point of view. His speeches however, are quite good.
    Politics= No Charisma= Yes

  47. rambo

    How is it that Andrew Jackson is ranked 6th (rightfully so) for fighting against the national bank/fed reserve and the Woodrow Wilson comes in at 7th when he was the one who finally relinquished the power of the US government to the fed…..Woodrow turned America into the piece of shit it is today

  48. Avo

    You list Andrew Jackson FOR the Trail of Tears? That’s sick.

    10. Undecided
    9. Monroe
    8. Reagan
    7. Eisenhower
    6. Lyndon Johnson
    5. Franklin Roosevelt
    4. Truman
    3. Theodore Roosevelt
    2. Lincoln
    1. Washington

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