14 thoughts on “The 10 Most Successful Potheads on the Planet…Who Admit it

  1. Curly

    Jah bless you for this article. You have an incredibly firm grasp on reality. I LMAO. I really dig your style of writing and wordplay. Thanks. Bob Marley should have been #1!

  2. Chuck_the_hijcaker

    I don’t think Bob Marley should have been this list. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with Bob Marley. His music is fantastic, and his message is equally as fantastic. But I feel that Marley’s success stems, in part, from pot. Potheads gravitated to him because of his known personal enjoyment of weed, then adopted his “live and let live” ideals as a result, and his success was helped along by that.

    The people on this list though, have not built their success on marijuana. The second comment was right when they said that “These men are successful DESPITE the pot”, these men (although I’m sure there are an equal number of successful female stoners) have built long lasting success, and they have smoked a few bowls with their buddies. Grass has not factored into the creation of their success, but nor has it hindered it.

  3. Chuck Norris

    Chuck the hijacker, you are an insufficient Chuck and a disgrace to the name. I am the only true Chuck. I felt your post was ranty and whiny, all while proving no point and being somewhat convoluted. Also, ROUNDHOUSE KICK!

  4. Chris

    Interesting article, but I am not impressed. How good pot is to someone on this list is not really related to their success. Most of the above probably would have been just as successful or more so without pot or any other ‘elixir’. By the same measure, you could write up a gigantic list of brilliant, powerful, rich, creative and influencial people who never tried pot.

  5. witsy

    You idiots. No one is arguing that pot is the cause of their success. The point is that smoking pot does not necessarily turn a person into a lazy dirty loser in life. Duh.

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